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This is a Social Enterprise which supports families affected by autism. It currently offers 5 services: a monthly playscheme; 1 to 1 play sessions; trainings in Lego-based Therapy, Playskills and Autism; consultations for parents and carers; Lego-based Therapy Sessions. It was set up by a parent, who also has an MSc in Autism, when she discovered a need for autism-specific services in East Dunbartonshire. Services are bespoke and seek to celebrate and build on the positives within individuals. The Playscheme is a safe, accepting environment for children to play and parents to chat informally. The play sessions and Lego-based Therapy Sessions aim to promote the social skills of children on the spectrum. The trainings provide essential information and hands-on practise in tailor-made sessions. The consultations provide plans to deal with issues for parents and carers to try out at home. 

The dates up until Christmas are Sat 17th Sept, Sat 29th Oct, Sat 19th Nov and Sat 17th Dec from 10am until 11.30am.

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    07981 656184

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