Welcome to East Dunbartonshire's community asset map

East Dunbartonshire has a lot of assets! And we wanted to make these easy to find. In this section you will find some handy hints to help you navigate the site and the range of assets that have been identified.

Browse the map

We've created a map so that you can see the locations of each of the different assets in East Dunbartonshire. The Map section will show a geographical area where assets are located.

Where you see a dark circle this indicates that a number of assets are available at a particular location. If you see a number in the middle of a circle it is the number of assets you can find at this location. You can either zoom in (using the '+' on the left hand side of the map) to view the assets individually, or alternatively, you can click on an icon. Selecting the icon will show a list of the names of the assets in that particular location - if you choose a name from the list then you'll go a a web page that gives more information about the asset and contact details if available.

Browse by places

Having visited many of the different towns and communities in East Dunbartonshire, we know that they all have their different identities. We've created quick links on the home page and below the map to help you find assets that exist within these pre-defined locations. If you have a newer web browser you can also try Assets near you - the browser will ask your permission to use your current location, if you agree the map will try and zoom in to show assets near where you currently are.

Browse using different categories

You'll have noticed the category bar on the right hand side of the website. These categories were devised by groups of people living in your area. These groups decided that these labels were broad enough to cover most of the different assets that have been identified. These links will show assets in that category on the map.

Browse the asset list

All community assets have been recorded alphabetically on the website. Click on 'Asset list' on the menu to find the list of assets by name. Again choose a name if you want to see the details of a particular asset or click on a category to get a list of assets in that category.


If you know the type of thing that you are looking for, simply type the word into the search bar. This will examine all of the asset descriptions for that particular word. The search results will include any asset, which has described itself using that word. Choose the name of any result to view more information.
Tip: to find assets near your address try searching with the first part of your postcode e.g. G66.

Add an asset

This is your map for your community. We would love to hear about your favourite assets in East Dunbartonshire. If you don't see one you know about please add it by choosing the blue "Add an asset" button near the search form. Tell us what it is, where it is and what you like about it.
Tip: think about how you would describe it if you were speaking to someone on the other end of a phone line.

Asset suggestions/corrections

If you have more information about an asset already on the website or if you spot a mistake please tell us about if using the suggestion link on an asset page.